About Us

Inform Me is a pidgin English business and lifestyle show airing on Speed Fm 96.9,Benin City, Edo State.

It was borne out of the need to conscientize Nigerians on owning, running, and succeeding in business in the country and living a corresponding responsible lifestyle that encourages productivity. And for four years in broadcast, we have been able to show our teeming listeners how not to depend on the government of our country for their daily provisions, but to become self reliant, self sufficient, and leading a planned life. Many have been taken off the streets as they began to take our counsel and some have employed others as their business became stronger.

Inform Me is an interactive and audience participatory program from which surefire bullet points are hurled to bring information to the listener and move them to action. Hence, we have our official sign off line “the information wet you hear and use na im be your power to take commot from where you dey”.

Inform Me ban its odessy during the ‘dried seasons’ of 2016 and 2017 when the country’s economic situation has become so harsh, businesses were folding up, price of food stuff had shot to the roof and there were financial uncertainties. Having designed the show and planned out its broadcast pathway, airing for the first time was in the first quarter of 2017.

The show co presented by two trained mass communicators, Madam Olayemi Agboga who is the founding presenter of the show and Mr. Isaacmerry L. Arkinson,
interviews were done on location, at the offices of our guests or clientele and our broadcast was recorded in the Speed Fm studios. Feedback was instant. Our body of work gained ascendancy.

The need to diversify our thoughts to improve our listners business services arise and the host of the show took a major step in registering Inform Me as a business organization and Madam Sandra Ikekua, an expert on SMEs, was brought in as a copresented. That diversity of thoughts began to get realized.

In 2018, Inform Me BizShow had become a household name across the state. Providence sent our station signals to Delta State, Kogi State, Anambra and Enugu States. Shocked as we were, we even get calls during the show from Stars in Northern Nigeria, as our business lines were inundated with inquiries on business solutions to solving key business issues. At this point, the visioner of Inform Me had to bring in Mr. Adeomo Akao, a dynamic presenter for a rare robust and expansive view on commerce and entrepreneurial scholarship. Then, there was balance in reportage and on-air resourcefulness.

Our impact has seen commendations from the business world and we are thankful for the growth so far.

In this forth year of broadcast, Inform Me has enjoyed business partnership with the following companies and organizations since its inception. They are:

Also, we have had a good number of SMEs come on our show like Gracious Paints, S. AND J. Footwear, Mama Odaro Enterprizes, Willed Confectionery, and many more.

Inform Me BizShow is a moving train and we believe that our message will continue to resonate in the minds of Nigerians because the information wey you hear and use na im be the power to take commot from the place where we dey now.

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