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10 Kids Unaware of Their Halloween Costume

Today, we're looking at three particularly interesting stories. Pinterest added a new location-based feature on Wednesday that uses Place Pins as a way to map out vacations and favorite areas. Southwest Airlines is providing Wi-Fi access from gate to gate for $8 per day through an onboard hotspot. And in an effort to ramp up its user base, Google Wallet is offering a debit card that can take out cash from.


Typography helps you engage your audience and establish a distinct, unique personality on your website. Knowing how to use fonts to build character in your design is a powerful skill, and exploring the history and use of typefaces, as well as typogra...

Original Posted by - theguy_21: Did you see that Dove ad pop up in your Facebook feed this year? How about the Geico camel one?

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford does not have a bigger fan than "Anchorman's" Ron Burgundy. In fact, Burgundy wants Ford to be re-elected so much, that he agreed to sing the campaign song Brien. The tune in question ...

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